A Must Read Guide of Wargame For Parents


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Many wargamers report that they took up wargaming as a hobby at a very younger age. However, due to some or the other reasons, parents get concerned while seeing their child getting addicted to wargaming. This guide will help you as a parent to understand more about wargaming.

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Basics of Wargaming

As a parent, you must be confused about whether you should encourage or discourage your child’s hobby of Wargaming. Generally kids are introduced to wargaming through browsing online or through their friends. The miniature figures offered in Warlord games are eye-catching due to uniquely painted and exciting artwork which is being displayed in multiple cabinets of a wall.

Learning to paint those tiny figures and playing game can help in developing creativity and motor skills in your kids. The figures presented in wargaming are quite small usually one or two inch long. In addition to small figures, you also get buildings, tanks and canyons.

One of the best tabletop wargamings ever designed has been from Warlord games. Such wargamings aren’t only educational, but also entertaining.

Components of A Wargame

Following are some basic features that are found in every wargame:

  • Large Scale Tabletop Wargame

Herein, instead of using game pieces, you use armies which consist of miniature figures. Also, in place of squares on a board, you make use of tape measures. In this game as well, dice are key decision makers since the number of die determine battle outcomes.

  • Battling Opponents

For completing a particular mission, you need to battle the opponents with the goal of killing the commander or wiping out the enemy. Usually, civil war miniature wargames are long in nature and cannot be played in less than 30 minutes.

  • Space Requirement

Wargames take large space, sometimes a kitchen/dining table will be required. Besides this, some additional space may be required since in wargames you add terrain such as trees, hills and houses.

Also, some wargames are more difficult to understand as compared to the other ones meaning that you may have to help out your child in understanding it. How well your child performs will depend upon his age, understanding and overall determination towards learning.

Best Age For Starting Wargame

As a parent, the first question that will pop-up in your mind is about the exact age when you should let your child play a wargame. It’s important to mention here that entirely depends upon your child’s hobby and interest. However, playing a wargame is intense and requires patience, ability of interacting with others and maturity.

Most of the kids are ready to learn this game at age of 12 since it’s the age when a kid is able to understand confusing rules and intense disagreements. Besides this, by age of 12, a child is grown up enough to understand motor skills. Therefore, don’t rush the things, observe your child’s interest and understanding level and introduce this game to him/her when you feel that he/she is ready to understand and play it.


Hope this guide will clear your basics about wargames.

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