Sound-Proofing Options for Your Sash Windows

In order to enjoy your home to the fullest, you will need some quality quiet time, shielded as much as possible from traffic noise and loud neighbours. Despite their timeless appeal, sash windows are not typically good at keeping noise pollution away.

This is all the more true for poorly sound-proofed or old sash windows because ill-fitting or age has allowed gaps to make their way between the pane and the sash boxes. The result is a very noisy window that can cause you stress, in addition to focus and sleep problems.

triple glazing

Luckily, there are effective ways to counteract acoustic pollution in your home. Options for enhancing the sound proofing abilities of your sash windows in St Albans depend upon the level of noise, and include installing specialist acoustic glass or using secondary glazing.

Acoustic glass is in fact laminated glass with a specialist noise-insulation interlayer that can reduce up to 40% more noise as compared to float glass. The only downside is that acoustic glass costs more than standard laminated glass.

Secondary glazing is a more affordable solution when it comes to dampening noise. Even if your windows are already glazed, any air gaps that may appear will allow outside noise to enter your home. To remedy this, you will need to fit draught seals to seal off any air gaps around the windows. This will not only reduce noise, but will also help with heat insulation.

More specifically, if you opt for secondary glazing, you will have each single pane in your sash window replaced with bonded panes. That second pane halves the amount of outside noise. Moreover, the small gap found between the two panes in each bonded pair also acts as an effective noise buffer.

Conservation windows

For listed buildings and properties located in conservation areas, make sure to get the services of expert window fitters who follow traditional techniques. Restoration experts are experienced working with Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian homes, so that they are able to insulate, sound proof and fit your sash windows with modern security systems, while at the same time maintain the proper appearance of the building.

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